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Wireless Digital Audio Technology



FreespanTM Wireless Digital Audio Technology

TM ,  Algorithms and other Intellectual Properties  that  enables RF Digital Wireless Transmission and Audio Processing. Such technologies are used in developing Chipsets and Modules that allow manufacturers to easily integrate into their systems for various digital audio applications.

We have developed many successful wireless solutions for applications used in the Home Theater
Speakers Systems, USB, Dongle, Stereo and Dolby Headphones segments. This is possible because FreeSystems has developed a unique set of core competencies in RF, Antenna Design, EMI Optimization, Signal Processing, Audio System Architecture and Design. As such, we are able to offer good value propositions and System Design Know-How to our partners whom in return able to produce a more robust wireless solutions adopting FreespanTM  technology.

Key features of
FreespanTM include:

  •   Uncompromised and Uncompressed 16-bit 48KHz digital audio link.

  •    2.4GHz GFSK, narrow bandwidth with 8 selectable channels.

  •    Patented Antenna Diversity and Advanced ECC algorithms

  •    Coexistence with many 2.4GHz devices (e.g. WLAN, Bluetooth, Cordless phone)

  •    Low Audio Latency

  •   ID Learning and Pairing  

  •    Low power consumption (Longer battery life)

  •    Advance Power management

  •    Support following applications:

    •   Multi-Party, Music Sharing (MPMS)

    •   Broadcast Mode (One to Many)

    •   PCM (Stereo)

    •   Non-PCM (SPDIF, Dolby Digital, DTS)



FS2207L Module


FS2207L Module


FS2207L Module


FS2207L Module




FS2207L Module


FS2207L Module