Services by ComSOC Technology

ComSOC has invested heavily in R&D facilities & resources, enabling us to also support customers in Consumer Electronics Development. From solutions, all the way up till the completion of finished products.

Apart from the local resources, ComSOC technology has agreements with other design centre worldwide to support the customers for turn-key projects.


Types of Services:

  • Power Line Communication (modules development up to complete products - 14Mbps, 85Mbps, 200Mbps...)

  • Bluetooth Earpiece (Product ID up to Box build)

  • 2.4G Wireless Audio (Product ID up to Box build)

  • ASIC Design

  • Others


Specification to sample chips:

We are equipped with the facilities and resources to take up the design service from the development of specifications and take the customers through chip architecture, design and prototype using FPGA's and sample fabrication using Samsung FAB. The customers will have the full benefit of using the Samsung analog and digital IPs apart from the benefit of having the Samsung's technically and commercially company.


Design capture to sample chips:

We also offer the service of converting the logic design captured in schematics or paper to be translated to HDL codes and delivering the sample chips. The customers will have the benefit of having the HDL codes for future use and also the portability to different technology.


Specification to prototype:

It is a good news for those customer who are looking for design service with end product as ASIC from FPGA design or HDL net list. This will be a good option for those who need integration but the production volumes may be very low.


What is 'Foundry'?

Companies who design ICs for their customized applications using their customized design technique with analog and digital functions, often get subcontract service for the IC fabrication.

Recently Samsung started to offer the technology for those customer who have the capability to design their IC from concept to GDS2. This may involve, in addition to the standard design process, design of library and special cells for very low voltage or high voltage or low power or any other application.

This kinds of special function libraries are not been offered through ASIC libraries. The customer also will have the capability to design/write their own test programs for the CI test.

These customer often approach semiconductor manufacturers offering their Fab for manufacturing the customer's ICs. As traditional ASIC company, Samsung has all the expertise and commitment to offer the best service for the Foundry customer. In addition to the fabrication of devices, Samsung also offers the customers front-end and back-end services as a total solution for the customers.

ASIC Design

ASIC IC DesignWe provide system level integration solutions with unified high performance process technology.

Mask Tooling

compassWe provide Real Time WIP Service, Turnkey Solutions, Hot TAT Solutions and Foundry Business Level.

Wafer FAB Fabrication

compassSamsung Foundry makes on-time availability of advanced technologies to meet our customers' plans.

Foundry Services

compassSamsung Foundry is committed to Total Solutions, On-time Delivery, Quick Turn Around Time and High reliability..


compassOur vastly experienced Packaging Team, already preparing for the sub-half micron era, can help you get ahead of competition.


compassBoth wafer and package testing services are available from Samsung, for memory, logic and mixed-mode products.