Mask Tooling

We Provide the Following Services

  • Real Time WIP Service at its dedicated Web site

  • Wafer Manufacturing (Mask/Fabrication)

  • Turnkey Solution (Fab/Assembly/Test/Packing)

  • Hot TAT Solution (Fast Track Solution)

  • Foundry Business Level

    • Level 1: Wafer Fabrication Service

    • Level 2: Wafer Fabrication and Wafer Sorting Service

    • Level 3: Wafer Fabrication, Packaging and Final Sorting Service

    • Etc. : Mask Making Service

On-Time Delivery

Samsung Foundry makes on-time availability to meet customers' plans for quick introduction of new products to the market.


Wafer Manufacturing Cycle Time

  Mass Production HOT Flow Super Hot
  Pre-Fab Cycle Time
  Mask Inspection
2 1.5 1.0
  Cycle Time per Layer
2.5 1.5 1.0
  Packing & Shipping 3 1.5 1.0


Available Information

Process Technology Information

  • Process Key Feature, Design Rule, Electrical Characteristics etc.

  • Technology Road map

Fabrication Information

  • WIP, TAT, Yield, Delivery etc.

  • Process Monitoring Data, Electrical Test Data etc.

Reliability Data

  • HCI, TDDB, EM/SM, etc.


Other Services

ASIC Design

ASIC IC DesignWe provide system level integration solutions with unified high performance process technology.

Mask Tooling

compassWe provide Real Time WIP Service, Turnkey Solutions, Hot TAT Solutions and Foundry Business Level.

Wafer FAB Fabrication

compassSamsung Foundry makes on-time availability of advanced technologies to meet our customers' plans.

Foundry Services

compassSamsung Foundry is committed to Total Solutions, On-time Delivery, Quick Turn Around Time and High reliability..


compassOur vastly experienced Packaging Team, already preparing for the sub-half micron era, can help you get ahead of competition.


compassBoth wafer and package testing services are available from Samsung, for memory, logic and mixed-mode products.