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Attained KORTEK distribution on 2007 for South East Asia, East Asia & Asia Pac Regions.

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Attained  ATLAB distribution on 2009 for South East Asia, East Asia & Asia Pac Regions.

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Product – Digital Contact Controller (ATA2538)

Product Overview :
A touch sensor IC that enable numerous programmability increases design flexibility and gives better performance and stability for a broader range of applications. The ATA2538’s AIC (Automatic Impedance Calibration) function can be easily configured to support different sensitivities for individual channels independently as well as to change values of parameters such as calibration interval. AIC may also be temporarily paused and resumed by a host MCU.
Among the many features of the ATA2538 is APIS (Adjacent Pattern Interference Suppression) . APIS is a filtering function to eliminate adjacent key or pattern interference. The ATA 2538 also gives touch-strength output in addition to touch on/off output. There is a number of DIOs depending on the package type that can be configured and programmed to meet a customer’s specific needs, giving customers even greater flexibility and value.

Features :

  • Patented fully digital architecture
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Supports 8 input channels (24QFN, 24SSOP, 24SOP) or 6 input channels (16QFN, 16SOP)
  • Programmable registers to characterize application
  • I2C Interface with the host MCU
  • Configurable Touch input channels as extended DIOs
  • 6bit resolution of LED dimming control via DIO pins
  • Configurable AIC (automatic Impedance Calibration)
  • Two Types of interrupts
  • 8 bit resolution of touch strength data
  • Three different modes for APIS (Adjacent Pattern Interference Suppression)
  • Configurable DIO pins as direct touch outputs, extended GPIOs or external interrupt inputs
  • Idle and sleep modes for power saving
  • De-bounced touch outputs

Application :

  • Portable devices such as  PDA’s, cellular phones, MP3 players, remote controllers and others integrated input devices

  • Home appliances and consumer electronics products such as LCD TV, Micro wave Oven, DVD, Door Lock, Refrigerator, Air conditioner

  • Offices & Others such as – Fax, Printer, Mouse, Keyboard, ATM, control panel.