Apolco Products

We design cutting edge consumer products sold under the Apolco brand. Learn more about these products or buy them here.

P3-10MMP Mini Projector

displayThe Apolco M3-60MP Mini Projector is portable, yet has all the features of a typical projector.

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Semiconductor Products

We distribute semiconductor products in Asia and the Middle East from Samsung and many other major manufacturers.

Samsung Products

displayWe distribute Samsung products like microcontrollers, memory, display panels, HDDs and much more.

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Power Integratioin Products

displayWe carry Power Integrations products for high-voltage, analog integrated circuits.

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Freespan RF Products

displayOur modules allow manufacturers to easily integrate various digital audio applications into their systems.

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Our Services

We were founded as a Design house and are a leading Systems Solution provider in Fabless Design for our clients & end customers.

ASIC IC Design

displayWe provide system level integration solutions with unified high performance process technology.

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Mask Tooling

displayWe provide Real Time WIP Service, Turnkey Solutions, Hot TAT Solutions and Foundry Business Level

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Wafer FAB Fabrication

displaySamsung Foundry makes on-time availability of advanced technologies to meet our customers' plans.

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