Apolco W3 Wireless Speaker System


The Apolco W3 wireless speaker connects wirelessly to your notebook or PC. The speaker operates on the 2.4Ghz frequency and communicates with the computer using a USB device.

It can operate on 8 channels, so if you discover that there is interference, simply switch to another channel on the USB device, and the speaker will adjust its receiving frequency automatically, without intervention from the user.

Apolco W3 wireless speaker allows multiple speakers connection to a single USB dongle – up to 20 Apolco W3 wireless speakers simultaneously, and have a operating distance is up to 20m.

There are different models of Apolco W3 wireless speakers to suit your requirement.  Apolco W3-2.4Ghz operates on 4 x AA size battery. Alternatively, they can also receive sound source from the W3-G2.  Apolco W3-G2 operates on built-in rechargeable battery and could function as a MP3 player, radio, clock, alarm as well as a wireless transmitter to other range of Apolco W3 speakers