Apolco illumine

COMSOC Technology Pte Ltd designs, develops, manufactures and distributes in-house built (Made in Singapore) LED Modules and Luminaries products for general and feature illumination.

We are proud to present APOLCO illumine to you. An environment friendly, energy cost savings, water resistance, easily install, easy to use and durable LED Modules, Lighting or Luminaries. 

COMSOC specially designed LED luminaries ranges from 1W, 3W, 5W, 9W, 12W, 17W, 25W, 27W, 45W, 90W in power ratings.

COMSOC LED Modules, Luminaries or Lightings are easily use or install and its integration adaptability is easy for a wide variety of lighting fixtures or housing available in the industry.

Besides designing and developing COMSOC's standard LED Luminaries, we also provide in-house team of engineers with vast experiences in this field. Customize designs to meet various customers’ needs and wants.

COMSOC practices and embraces Creativity and Innovation into product designs. Our products offer Quality, Reliability, Rarity and Value to our valuable customers. In addition Effectiveness and Efficiency of services are not compromised.

Why Apolco illumine LED?

Iceberg melting, Ozone Layer enlarged and Weather changes tremendously till difficult to be forecasted. Estimation by scientists, by NASA’s (Global Climate Model) predicts the Earth’s temperature will increase by up to 10 Degrees Centigrade by 2060. 

Apparently the earth is being harmed by massive CO2 emissions. About 26 billion tons of carbon dioxide is released every year, and it is still rising. These World emissions have increased sharply since 2000, mainly driven by the coal economic boom in China.

Four major sectors produce carbon emissions. Electricity generation is responsible for the largest share—42 percent. Transportation generates 24 percent of global emissions. Industrial processes account for 20 percent, and residential and commercial uses produce the remaining 14 percent. (Earth Policy Institute)

The conventional lightings; e.g. Fluorescent lamps, Halogen, Neon, Incandescent and so forth, draw a lot of power or energy. These conventional lighting also produce lots of heat, indirectly air-condition system does cut in-out frequently, that’s where lots of current are being drawn too.

LED can supersede conventional lighting in reducing Electricity generation and Heat generation. Regardless Mid Power LED or High Power LED, the power consumption will never exceed the conventional lightings.

Conventional light lifespan is much shorter than LED. Below is an example.

Applications of the APOLCO illumine

APC-GL4 LED Modules & APC-GL3 LED Modules

Not Lighted, APC-GL4 LED Modules


Lighted with 12VDC power supply


Applications: Channel Letterings, Back-Lit or In-Lit Signage, Ambience Lighting (cluster them and placed in a false ceiling), Cove Lighting, Cornice Lighting, Guiding Light, Orientation and Accent lighting, Under counter/bars/reception desks, Light Fixtures, Handrails and many more with your creativity and imagination.

To be used together with a good and reliable power supply, the APC-GL4 LED Modules & APC-GL3 LED Modules can be lighted with extending over a considerable distance.

IP rating target to achieved IP67 (in the midst of getting certificate).

APC-GL4 & APC-GL3 are compact, faster and easier to install than conventional lighting, and is designed for users who require a simple plug and light up solution.
Benefits include less fringing, it is ideal for direct view applications, strips of 5 or 10 modules can be supplied.
Other features include SAMSUNG LED are used. LED lifespan is at typically 50,000 hours. 
“APC-GL4 & APC-GL3 will be one of our most successful products enabling creativity in many lighting applications across the signage and lighting industry. APC-GL4 & APC-GL3 extends the scope of the product to many new application areas and offers faster installation too.”

Advantages of APOLCO illumine

Advantage of LED used in Signage

By pasting with double-sided tape, the installation process is easier.
Alternatively use self-tapping screws for fastening.

LED is Restriction of Hazardous Substances or RoHS compliance.

LED modules can reduce the thickness of the light boxes to 70mm. Homogenous of light spread can be achieved.

LED do not throw out UV light, thus will not destroy the advertisement graphics.

If LED malfunction, only a small spot or point failed but overall remaining LED are still lighted and the advertisement can be viewed by viewer.

Disadvantage of conventional lighting used in signage

Fluorescent lamps cannot form the same profile as the letters.
Neon light can form with the letters profile but the installation is hassle. Fireman switches are to be installed for Neon lighting circuits.

Both Fluorescent lamps and Neon are made of glass, which are being filled with mercury and poisonous gaseous. Therefore it is harmful to environment if they are not being disposed properly.

Fluorescents Light Boxes needed minimum 120mm to 200mm thickness to get homogenous light spreads or else ugly skeleton light can be seen.

Fluorescent lamps will throw out UV lights, thus may cause graphics colours to be faded, if UV colour and printing are not used.  

A portion or a strip of Shadows will be formed when a Fluorescent tube blows in a signage box.

Technical Specs of the Apolco illumine

APC-GL4 Dimension: 42mm (L) x 40mm (W) x 11mm (H)
LED Colour: White / Red / Green / Blue
LED Chip: Samsung LED
Input Voltage: 12VDC
Power Consumption per LED Module: 0.96W
Nos. of LED used in a Module: 4pcs
Maximum Nos. in Series: 50pcs of Modules
Weight per Module: approximate 20g
Operating Temperature: -20°C~+60°C
Storage Temperature: -30°C~+70°C
Luminous Intensity is 24cd at 30 °C Ambient Temperature
Light Measurement: 30,000Lux at 1cm
Silicone filled: allow Thermal Expansion, Water Resistance & Homogenous Light Spreads

Dimensions Detail



How to Install the Apolco illumine

LED Module Centre to Centre Distance: 65mm

Diffuser to LED Module Distance: 70mm

Installation pattern shown as the below picture


Selection of Power Supply

12 VDC
Maximum Input Current 80mA per LED Module

For example: using 100 pieces of LED modules
Total current is 100pcs x 0.08A = 8A

Therefore Total Power Consumption
12VDC x 8A = 96W

1. DC output 12V
2. Current output 8A
3. Constant current supply is preferred

APC-GL3 Dimension: TBA – End 4Q’09
Mini Bulbs: TBA – 1Q’10

All above specification given have tolerances implied, when actual usage, please consult COMSOC Sales or Technical personnel for your application.