About ComSOC Technology

Comsoc Technology Pte Ltd started as an IC Design Center exclusively in South East Asia for Samsung Semiconductors. We have a team of technopreneur engineers with IC Design as their profession and together with a team of supporting personnels, we can realise your product development dreams.

We have an long standing bond with Samsung, one of the global leaders in the semiconductor industry. Together, we are committed to serving you. We have also built a group of satisfied customers and have become a strategic supplier to many of them.

Apart from semiconductor industry, we also focus on system-level development such as Bluetooth Headsets, Power Line Communication Adapters (14 / 85 / 200 Mbps), Network Solutions, Micro Projectors, Wireless Speakers, Flat Panel Displays, 2.4Ghtz Wireless Headsets, Dongles, etc.

We are geared with a number of total solutions for your application needs, and we will always strive to deliver our services in shortest possible time.

Semiconductor Products

compassComSOC Technologies became a Samsung Authorised Distributor in Singapore in 1997. We also carry products from AUK. Kortek, Atlab, Fidelix, Dolby, Freespan, Intellon and More.

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Our Services

parcelComSOC has invested heavily in R&D facilities & resources, enabling us to also support customers in Consumer Electronics Development. From solutions, all the way up till the completion of finished products.

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