A Note from the CEO

CEO - James G.J. Jeong

Comsoc believes in looking into tomorrow's world. We set our mission to be the world first class consumer electronic product development and manufacturing company.

We are inspired by our mission. We live by our core values: knowledge, trust, passion and commitment.

Our dedicated, knowledgeable, energetic and passionate team is the main reason of our success. We have vision, leadership skills, integrity, industry knowledge, and execution ability to successfully compete in this rapidly changing global market.

Comsoc's cutting edge technological growth is always within an operational framework that is in strict regulatory compliance and is morally and ethically sound.

We are always available and happy to assist our current and future customers in all their needs. We shall be ready to assign an expert to every new account that will be with us. We will treat your information with respect and confidentiality.

We will deliver quality services to our valued customers, as we know quality is never an accident, it is always the result of positive intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.

With all this quality support, services and the capabilities that we have, we are confident that our growth targets will be achieved even earlier than we planned.

Semiconductor Products

compassComSOC Technologies became a Samsung Authorised Distributor in Singapore in 1997. We also carry products from AUK. Kortek, Atlab, Fidelix, Dolby, Freespan, Intellon and More.

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Our Services

parcelComSOC has invested heavily in R&D facilities & resources, enabling us to also support customers in Consumer Electronics Development. From solutions, all the way up till the completion of finished products.

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